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Author: Alka Singh
Pages: 52
Year of Publication: 2021
Price: Rs 150
978-81-949985-9-4 (9788194998594)


About the Author
An academician, poet and essayist for the cause of women, culture, art and literature, Dr Alka Singh is an Assistant Professor of English at Dr Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow, with seven awards to her credit. She has been a Visiting Scholar to Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris, under the Indo-French Programme of Cooperation in Social Sciences. Her areas of teaching, research and doctoral supervision are ESP, communication studies, gender and culture, Canadian literature, new literatures, India studies, law and literature, English for aviation and language through literature. Besides publications in international knowledge volumes, journals and presentations in conferences, she has authored the following books: Postmodernism (2008), Gender Roles in Postmodern World (2014), Postmodernism: Texts and Contexts (2014), Issues in Canadian Literature (2016), Women Empowerment (2018), Women: Issues of Exclusion and Inclusion (2018) and Women Society and Culture (2018). She regularly broadcasts radio talks on socio-cultural issues, and her poems are anthologized in several collections.

About the Book
In her preface to the book, Dr Singh writes:

“The present work is a door to many thoughts that come and go to make up a poetics of woman in a world of her own, where she has much to share and offer to the world of the life beyond sciences. The genuineness and warmth of the thoughts connect the blood flowing in humanity, and the source awaits its songs of life to be heard. The poems here closely analyse the body, the heart, the soul, and the mind and psyche of the menstrual environment that speak on the history, culture, and sociology of humankind.”

Preface / 9

Menstruating the miasma / 13
The Red / 15
Pratham Rajodarshan / 16
Eclipse / 17
Shakti within / 18
Chain / 19
Hesitation to run / 20
Trepidation / 21
My red – myself / 22
And so it moved / 23
Grave a sin / 24
Comes what / 25
For care – yet to wait / 26
A coup / 27
Blatant rouge on face / 28
Essence of blood / 29
On leaves of self / 30
She wraps around / 31
Fuss and blush / 33
The anger blushes / 34
Your own folk / 35
In camaraderie it stands / 36
The colours of blood / 37
She kicks the work / 38
Blood is a mood / 39
The blood inspires / 40
The birds come / 41
Celebrate the stain / 42
Washing the hair / 43

Colours of Blood


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