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PACK OF 5 (contains 5 copies of the book)

Author: Riya Kartha

About the Author
Riya Kartha has been a journalist, a photographer, an arts facilitator and a teacher, although if you’d really like to know, Riya identifies more as a storyteller and a dreamer, a seeker and a poet. While working by day to save the world with her students through one adventurous—and humbling—classroom experience after another, Riya spends her nights writing poetry and children’s books in the hope of lending some softness to the world. Currently working on a PhD in Education at the University of Cambridge, Riya continues to write poetry as a means to question and make sense of the world we live in, and to reach the quiet places within people, where she is convinced that a shared love of humanity and all things good reside.

We are made
of the light of stars
of snatches of song
of colour and chaos
of want and wonder
of melancholy mists
and the stories of ages,
of ancient hands
and haunted words
of distant drumbeats
and dappled sunlight,
of silent volcanoes
and the anger of a thousand suns,
of black and white islands
among oceans of grey.
We are made
of dancing eyes
and quivering tongues,
of iron and will o’ the wisps
of arrows and feathers
of broken dams
and healed scars,
of gold and dirt
of filth and filigree
of summer skies
and the free rain,
of symphonies of the night,
of the gusts of winter wind
and fragments of time.
We are made
of the people we meet
and the tales they tell,
of wild rivers
and yellowed photographs
of hollow memories
and yearning horizons,
we are made
of monsters
of madness,
of magic.

(Pack of 5) Earthsongs

  • ISBN: 978-81-961291-2-5 (9788196129125)

    Genre: Poetry

    Publication Year: 2023

    Binding: Hardback

    No. of Pages: 105

    83 poems spread across 4 sections

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