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Exploring The Innovation Of The Beatles

The story of how the Beatles took the world by storm is one which continues to intrigue millions, even today. In the insanely short span of eight years, they managed to define the zeitgeist of their generation.

If we are to take a look at the popular bands in England before The Beatles exploded onto the scene, we find several bands which were influenced by the American rock-and-rollers like Chuck Berry and Elvis. The influence, however, did not extend both ways across the pond. While early British beat groups like Gerry and The Pacemakers, Bill Fury and the Tornadoes, etc. enjoyed great fame and success in the UK, they remained virtually unknown in America. On the off chance that a British band did get to tour the US, they were not usually well received. The Beatles were the band that changed this stereotype forever.

On their first tour of the US in 1964, the Beatles were greeted at JFK Airport by a crowd of three thousand screaming fans, fighting and scrambling to get a look at them. Their new single, "Love Me Do" had been doing exceptionally well in the US charts, and word had spread. The Beatles were swarmed by such crowds of hysterical fans wherever they performed on their US circuit.