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Author: Pallavi Padma-Uday
Pages: 68
Year of Publication: 2024
Price: ₹300 / £10
978-81-968192-1-7 (9788196819217)

About the Author

Pallavi Padma-Uday is a writer and business historian based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her first poetry collection, Orisons in the Dark, was published by Writers Workshop in 2023. Her writing has appeared in various journals, anthologies and newspapers in India and the U.K. and has been supported by Irish Writers Centre, Arts Council of Ireland, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, John Hewitt Society, Doire Press, and Centre for Creative Practices in Ireland and United Kingdom. She is currently working on a non-fiction book.



It’s not berries, but the colour of blood clotting
on my tongue, so pungent I must be dead
to lick the wound but I do. Like a carnivore.
It’s the fear of walking into the light that bares
my tummy tucks. I always buy black dresses.
It’s sweat-soaked wipes buried under the bathroom
bin. It’s many colours against white, yet no one wants it.
The garden soil smells like cow dung, like the dorm bed
children wet in sleep. There is always a pillow for weeping.



44 poems in 3 sections

Lola in Belfast


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