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Author:  Aishee Ghoshal
Pages: 80
Year of Publication: 2021
Price: Rs 250
978-81-949985-0-1 (9788194998501)


About the Author
Aishee has a tea for every mood. Lavender green tea for homesickness, strawberry white tea for joy and chamomile for sorrow.

Her only long-term goal is to spend a year in Paris. In the balcony of a tiny apartment overlooking a busy street or in tiny Parisian cafés, writing a book someone will discover and publish posthumously.

She is marginally obsessed with cats and spends a lot of her time wishing she was one. She meows at cats even when they don’t meow back.



An ode to my motherland

In your name, I cross lines
Tonight, I ignite a fire
Together we watch the world burn
Whisper – I love you
Oh mother, motherland.

And I chant slogans of love.
And I kill – one, ten, fifty-three.
Watch them bleed as my young blood
Boils with love for you
Oh mother, motherland.

I stack hate upon fear, fear upon rage
All in the name of love, dear love.
Tonight I ignite a fire to appease gods.
Come, watch the nation burn.
Come, whisper – Jay Shri Ram.


41 poems spread across 8 sections

Poems from Sisyphus’ Rock


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