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Author: Srinjoy Ghosh
Pages: 76
Year of Publication: 2020
Price: Rs 200
ISBN: 978-81-946740-2-3 (9788194674023)


About the Book
“Srinjoy Ghosh is a lover of words. He plumbs into their deeper meanings, delights in their sonorities, and crafts them into verse of passion, contemplation and humour. A central theme in The Idol Walker remains constant: the spirited psychosomatic journey of the individual soul. Taking cultural cues from around the world, Ghosh artfully balances his unfailing reflection of the inner life with a playful exposition of natural phenomena and human relationships. This exciting collection foretells much more from this young and inspired poet.”

~ SRINIVAS REDDY, scholar, musician and poet,
Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Contemplative Studies at Brown University (August 2017-2020) and Guest Professor at IIT Gandhinagar


Essential Are You

Essential are you.
I smile for you,
I look out for you,
I keep ready for you.

The bed’s not been bedded,
Nor the seed’s been seeded.
Thinking of the flowers dead,
Calling for the dog unfed.

A withering rivulet did sight me,
Sat by the shingles, not yet free.
Free, are you?
You are free!

Draperies lengthen the shadows,
The crystals emanate the rainbow,
Sure is, that you are in drapes,
Past the bow of heaven.

My self has simply not done any
Break away! Break away!
And I sound:
Essential are you?

Foreword by Shrehya Taneja / 9
Preface / 12

Act I (Scintilla) / 13
9 poems

Act II (Saudade) / 29
11 poems

Act III (Nyctophillia) / 45
8 poems

Act IV (Abendrot) / 55
10 poems

Epilogue (Sillage) / 67
1 poem

Afterword by Shriyut Kumar Srivastava / 70
Some Reviews / 73

The Idol Walker


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