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The Size of Dinner Plates

Author: Syna Majumder


About the Author
Syna Majumder uses her life as a student to write about everything stretching out in the future. Her work has won competitions as well as been published in various online literary journals.



nine lives ≠ immortality

my face looks like a smashed apricot
my hands flabby failures
the skin around my nails torn raw
as if i’m a hungry girl

i’m far from that.

i feed myself on imported signals
words that leave as soon as i do
pictures that i could touch
if i weren’t a coward.

my insignificance, that’s my last boss
glaring at me from my posters
my framed pictures, my closet
hanging open with everything inside.

i’m not hungry. if i were
i wouldn’t be here. if i were
i wouldn’t keep my russian roulette on.

landing on your feet doesn’t mean
you’ll never bleed out,
doesn’t mean you’ll never be
origami-folded up in a washroom
deciding whether to blot yourself out,
doesn’t mean you’ll never
feel air going in and out and feel
you’d be so much better without it.

i will scream myself hoarse
but there will be a time
when i am nothing and you
are the opposite and i will
keep my chin up
even if it breaks my neck.

The Size of Dinner Plates

  • Pages: 116
    Year of Publication: 2022
    ISBN: 978-81-956648-1-8 (9788195664818)

    58 poems spread across 4 sections





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