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Editor: Inam Hussain Begg Mullick
Pages: 80
Year of Publication: 2024
Price: ₹350
978-81-968192-6-2 (978-81-96819262)

About the Editor

Inam Hussain Begg Mullick is an award-winning poet, editor and polymath from Kolkata. His most recent publication is The Magical Life of Inamorato (Writers Workshop). An avant-gardist, he has authored three books of poems and coedited three anthologies of poetry. For many years, he wrote in The Statesman. He is the Director-Founder-Editor, The Kolkata Arts, and a strong supporter of the Free Palestine movement.

Extract from the ‘Editor’s Note’

The Violet Sun is a tribute to the power of poetry and the poetic mind. Indian English poetry has a rich tradition, and this anthology is an addition to it, showcasing exquisitely crafted poems of the 21st century by an array of Indian writers.

I personally believe that great poetry may come at any age. From Keats to Eliot to the present day, some of their finest verses were written by poets in their teens and twenties. Therefore, this anthology cuts across age groups and presents poems written by veterans, stalwarts and young voices alike—the only condition for their inclusion is that they are worthy poems.


47 poems from 23 authors

The Violet Sun


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