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Author: Sharmishtha
Illustrator: Anil Nakhasi


About the Author
Influenced by Kashmiri mysticism and nature, Sharmishtha writes poems, short stories, plays and reflective articles. As a life-long student of Sociology, she writes extensively on education and emancipatory learning. Her first book, Endless Longings… Journey of a Kashmiri Girl (2012) was based on the themes of conflict, dispossession and resilience.

A firm believer in the healing power of words, Sharmishtha brings out the journey of the human spirit in everyday life through this collection of poems.


About the Illustrator
Anil Nakhasi is an artist based in Delhi, souled in Kashmir.



Thank You

Don’t ask me why I thank you.
Have tides ever questioned the pull by moon?
Has the deer ever found its musk?
Have the birds ever lost their way home?

I know no other way of praying
except to gather my thoughts in verse.
Don’t ask me why I thank you,
when thanking you brings out my verse.

Often I hold my thoughts in restraint,
only to find self, as a child, obstinate.
I rejoice over my thanksgiving notes,
so don’t ask me why I thank you.

Let me soak in gratitude.
Let me embrace life in my thanksgiving.
Let me find Us in gratitude.
Don’t ever ask me why I thank you.


  • Pages: 70
    Year of Publication: 2022
    ISBN: 978-81-958199-0-4 (9788195819904)

    51 poems spread across 5 sections













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