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Author: Joyce Job
Pages: 100
Year of Publication: 2021
Price: Rs 300
978-81-949985-1-8 (9788194998518)

About the Author
Joyce Job is a former I.T. professional hailing from Kerala. She writes online under her pen name Lirio Marchito, which means “Wilted Lily” in Spanish, a tribute to Pablo Neruda. It was after reading his poem “Tonight I can write the saddest lines”, during her college days, that she started writing poetry regularly. She writes mainly poems, short stories, book reviews and blogs, in both Malayalam and English. Her favourite Malayalam author is O.N.V. Kurup. His love and concern for nature and subtle, suggestive tone have left a deep influence on her. The environment, its issues and solutions are a major theme of her blogs. Along with reading and writing, she also enjoys travelling. You can follow her works at:


Two Lives

Craving to write a simple “love” or “mirage”
in a piece of code.
Typing out of a desire
then deleting out of necessity;
“aroma” or “drizzle” or “rainbows”.
In an infinite maze of “ifs” and “elses”
I stand broken, my emotions wrecked.

Poetry lost in logical dilemmas,
stories buried in broken thoughts,
characters strangled to meet deadlines,
plots caught in the catastrophes of demands.
Here I am a lost writer,
writing programs for a living.

The same 26 letters of the English alphabet,
plus some numbers and symbols –
the narrow strait connecting
my two lives.

51 poems spread over 3 sections

The Blue Rabbit


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