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Author: Harpreet Kathuria
Pages: 88
Year of Publication: 2024
Price: Rs 400
978-81-968192-8-6 (9788196819286)


About the Author

Harpreet Kathuria is Assistant Professor of English in Government College for Girls, Patiala. She holds a B.A. in School Honours in English and was a university medallist for the M.A. in English. Her poems have appeared in national and international journals. She is pursuing doctoral research on urban human geography from the Department of English, Punjabi University, Patiala.



City 2

I have often seen cities like boxes
Growing on me, placed on my head
A tremulous burden of crowds and
Noise, wondrous sometimes
Not always urgent to the eye
And the mind
Begins to trim itself─
I long to hear of a call from somewhere
An island maybe with just sea shells
Spread far out on the shore
Or open pastures where a lamb bleats;
A woodpecker toddles above
On a blue bough of a moist feathery tree
On an hour both dank and deep
Reminiscing a crown of stars overhead
Ah! here I am
Jostling with the mundane─
I would rather be a drop in the ocean
That does not forget
Its existence azure
Too soon …



63 poems

Cities of Being


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