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Author: Gauri Gharpure
Pages: 92
Year of Publication: 2020
Price: Rs 300
ISBN: 978-81-946740-4-7 (9788194674047)

About the Author
Gauri Gharpure grew up in Ahmedabad in a bi-cultural household and her Gujarati roots often overshadow her Maharashtrian genes. She studied journalism at Columbia University, New York, on a Fulbright grant. This is her first collection of poems. She tweets @gaurigharpure.

About the Book
In his foreword to the book, Manohar Shetty writes:

“Her searing, confessional style transcends conventional genres and hits you with its brutal but controlled intensity and power. Her poems hold your attention with their honesty and the total lack of frills and range from short haiku-like forms to full-blown, free-ranging outpourings but with a tension-filled edge to them.”


Do snakes get depressed?

Do snakes get depressed,
do squirrels feel the urge
to kill themselves,
do birds get mentally ill?

What is it in them that
engrosses them in a constant,
industrious, compulsive sense of survival
and what is it in us that makes us so weak?

Foreword by Manohar Shetty / 11

74 poems spread over 4 sections

Everything in Between


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