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Editor: Margaret  L.  Pachuau
Pages: 100
Year of Publication: 2020
Price: Rs 300
978-81-949985-5-6 (9788194998556)


About the Editor
Margaret L. Pachuau is Professor at the Department of English, Mizoram University.  She completed her postgraduation as well as junior and senior research from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She has several published works to her credit, including Mizo fiction in translation in The Heart of the Matter (2004), Handpicked Tales from Mizoram (2008) and Folklore from Mizoram (2013), both of which were published by Writers Workshop, India. She has also written The Experience of Expatriation (2006) and Construction of Good and Evil in Iris Murdoch’s Discourse (2007), and several articles in literary journals. A keen researcher and translator, she has compiled her findings in two major research projects on identity and Mizo narratives. She won the first prize for fiction in translation, in a competition organized by Muse India in 2008, for “The Jackfruit Tree”, a story in Handpicked Tales from Mizoram.


About the Book
The book comprises poems, reflective pieces and stories by 22 writers from Mizoram writing during the COVID-19 pandemic.


60 piece of poetry, fiction and nonfiction by 22 writers

Lockdown Literature from Mizoram


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